Tally + GST Course

In this course, you will learn the concept of Tally + GST from basic level to advanced level.

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Course Modules

  • Tally Introduction
  • Various Version Of Tally
  • Download & Install Tally Prime
  • Company Creation & Alteration
  • Shut Company & Select Company
  • Company Features & Configuration
  • Chart Of Account
  • Creation Of Group & Subgroups
  • Creation, Alteration, Deletion of Ledger
  • Backup & Restore
  • Report: Trail Balance, Balance Sheet.
  • Maintain Bill Wise Accounting
  • Accounting Vouchers (payment, Receipt, Contra, Journal) (purchase, And Sales)
  • Methods Of Adjustments (New Ref, Agst Ref, Advance, On Account)
  • Report: Day Book, Cash Book/bank Book
  • Cost Centre & Cost Category (manual, Predefine, and Subgroups)
  • Pre-defined Cost Centre
  • BRS
  • Asset Purchase
  • Sales Of Fixed Assets with Depreciation
  • Stock Group
  • Stock Category
  • Unit Of Measurement(uom)
  • Godown Creation Alteration Deltion
  • Stock Item
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt Note
  • Rejection Out
  • Purchase Invoice/bill
  • Purchase Return/debit Note
  • Sales Order
  • Delivery Note
  • Rejection In
  • Sale Bill
  • Sales Return/credit Note
  • Batch
  • Purchase &amp: Sales Illustrating, stock Behavior and Features
  • Stock Valuation Method (costing Method/market Valuation Method)
  • Zero Value Transaction, actual Billed Quantity, standard Price and Credit Limit
  • Appropriation Of Expenses with Inventory
  • Reorder Level
  • Voucher Class
  • Interest Calculation
  • Bill Of Material [bom]
  • Manufacturing Voucher Creation
  • Manufacturing Entery
  • Additional Expenses &amp: Payment
  • Classification Of Raw Material
  • Work In Progress
  • Mark-up Price
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Non-accounting Vouchers
  • Scenario Management
  • Budgeting & Control
  • Post Dated Cheque Management

Account Confirmation & Reminder Letter Export & Import Data

Export Balance Sheet Reports In Excel Spreadsheet And

Other Formats

  • Security Control
  • Tally Audit
  • Split Company
  • Merge Company
  • What Is GST
  • MCST Benefits
  • GST Registration
  • Know Your GST Registration Number
  • GST Components
  • Time Of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Payment Of GST
  • Return Filing
  • Consequences Of Non-compliance In GST
  • E-invoicing
  • Activating GST
  • Master Creation-GST Related
  • Inward Supply Of Goods-local
  • Outward Supply Of Goods-local
  • Invoice Printing
  • GST Reports

Inward Supply Of Goods-interstate

Outward Supply Of Goods-interstate

Debit And Credit Notes

Different Rate -one Invoice

Input Tax Credit

Payment Of Tax

Generate Return

Reconcile Status

  • Purchase Of Capital Goods
  • Supply Of Goods And Services In Same Invoice
  • Sales Invoice With Additional Charges
  • Impacts Of Discount On Sales Invoice
  • Treatments Of Reverse Charge
  • Voucher Class

Concept Of TDS

Rates Of TDS

Due Date Of TDS Payments

Due Date of TDS Returns

  • Enabling TDS in Tally Prime
  • Creating TDS Master
  • Deducting TDS On Expenses
  • TDS Payment & Challan TDS Challan
  • Reconciliation Saving Form 26q
  • Exporting Form 26q
  • Advance To Party
  • Commission On Brokerage
  • Rent On TDS And GST
  • TDS Payment With Interest
  • No Deduction Of Tax Form 15g And 15h
  • Deductions At Lower Rate From 13
  • Applicability-pf
  • Wages
  • Memberships
  • Contribution-pf
  • Filing Of Returns
  • Withdrawals Of Money From EPF
  • Applicability -ESI
  • Employees Covered
  • Contribution-esi
  • Contribution Period & Benefit Period
  • Payroll Process Flow Chart
  • Activating Payroll In Tally Prime Creating Employee Masters
  • Creation Of Payroll Unit
  • Creation Of Attendance/production Type
  • Creation Of Earning Pay Heads
  • Employees PF Deduction Pay Head
  • Employees EPS Contribution Pay Head
  • Employees EPF Contribution Pay Head
  • Pf Admin Charges
  • Edli Admin Charges Pay Head
  • Employees ESI Deduction Pay Head
  • Employer’s ESI Contribution Pay Head
  • Define Salary Structure
  • Recording Attendance / Production
  • Processing Payroll Vouchers
  • Processing Employer’s ESI Contribution
  • Processing Employer’s PF Contribution
  • Processing Employer’s PF Admin Expenses
  • Salary Payment
  • PF Payment
  • ESI Payment
  • Salary Payment Advice
  • Print And View Slip